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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 2.5kw SRK25ZSA-W Advanti Series

R32 Refrigerant, 69 Decibels, Maximum Airflow

Daikin 14kw FDYQN140LV1 Standard Inverter Series

Night Quiet Mode, R22 Retrofit Capability, Improved Energy Efficiency

Daikin 4.6kw FTXV46WVMA Cora Series

R32 Refrigerant, Powerful Mode, Coanda Airflow, Air Purification

Panasonic 2.5kw CS-RZ25WKRW R Series

R32 Refrigerant, Blue Fin Anti Corrosion, 4 Star Energy Efficiency

Mitsubishi Electric 2.5kw MSZAP25VGKIT Ap Series

R32 Refrigerant, Dual Barrier Coating, Quiet Operation

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